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In the last couple of years facial hair has made a huge comeback. Many guys are sporting some type of beard,  whether short, stubble, medium or large. But in some capacity, many men are keeping facial hair which was not so before. Most of the guys who keep a clean shave have tried to grow a beard sometime in their life but failed to do so and might have gotten frustrated and stopped trying. 

Unfortunately, there is no magic serum for it. Everyone has to put in the same effort and the rest depends on various factors like regularly trimming your beard, that we are going to discuss in this blog. 

One thing that guys need to understand is that if it is not in the genes, it is not going to happen. The facial hair is not magically going to grow overnight or someday when you wake up. But there are steps that you can take to boost your facial hair growth and promote beard health. Here are some tips on how to effectively grow a beard  in 2020.

Trust the natural process – Be patient 

The facial hair grows at different speeds for each of us. The thickness and range also vary and there is nothing that you can do to change it. All you can do is be patient and adjust the beard style according to the way the beard is growing. For some guys, it will be a full beard, and for others, it can be a stubble look. No matter what style you choose, achieving it takes some time. It can take a month or a year depending on the person. 

When you are growing a beard for the first time, you don’t mess with it. It let grow out for a couple of weeks. It will cause you itchiness and might look uneven, but that is just how it is for everyone when it starts to grow. Just stay away from the myths regarding beard growth like shaving regularly will boost beard growth. Because it is not, as the myth is wrong. 

Take care of yourself – Mentally and Physically

Hair growth depends on various factors which include the health and well-being of a person. A person needs to be both mentally and physically well for the body to function properly and carry out its processes. Most of our hair growth happens overnight as the cellular turnover is high. You need to get proper rest and be active for the hair to grow out properly. If you are not well-rested the blood flow will decrease which will result in fewer nutrients reaching the right areas. This will result in poor health and impact facial hair growth as well. 

As the doctors usually suggest, you need to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Remember, it is each night and not during the day. This will help your beard grow better as you will be in a much healthier shape. Tag it along with proper exercising, a proper diet and you will benefit immensely from it. 

Raise your Testosterone levels – Physical health

When you work on your physical health, it will increase the blood flow and nutrients which are required for good beard growth. It will also boost your testosterone which is the most important factor related to beard growth. The Testosterone helps the hair follicle to grow and then the DTH takes over to promote the actual beard growth. To put it in simple words, higher testosterone level results in fast and better beard growth. 

But it is not the only factor you have to deal with to overcome the patchy beard or slow beard growth problem. It does prepare you genetically to boost the beard growth, but it doesn’t mean that you will have a full-grown beard. It means that you will have a thick and less patchy beard. 

Protect the skin underneath – Facial care

In order to grow vegetables, you need to plough the field, water it, and wait to reap the rewards. The same thing goes into growing a beard as well. You need to take care of the skin underneath, keep the pores open, and hope for the best. Facial hair will speedily grow if the skin is in good condition and there are no clogged pores. As men, most of us ignore facial care. But to boost beard growth, you need to make a good skincare routine and follow it. You need to wash your face each morning and each night, exfoliate it a couple of times in the week using a facial scrub and keep it moisturized. There are brands, such as Mad Viking Beard and Mustache Company, which provide complete beard care products that not only take care of the beard but the skin underneath as well. This will help protect the skin and boost facial hair growth. 

Choose the right products – Beard care and grooming

It is not about buying unnecessarily costly products that do the same work as the reasonable ones. It is about choosing the right ones for your skin and beard type. If you are not using anything and the beard is growing well, it is well and good. But if you are facing trouble after a certain point, you need to choose the product based on the problem that you are facing. There are products available for dryness, beard itch, unruly hair, split ends, beard dandruff, etc. Products are available in the form of beard oils, beard balms, beard wax, beard shampoo, beard conditioners, and beard wash. This will help keep the beard clean and let it grow with any problems while ensuring you don’t face any problems either. 


Growing the beard is a simple process that is not followed properly by a large number of men due to laziness or lack of knowledge. You just need to let it grow and manage the challenges that come along in the best possible way to get the desired results. There is no secret to it like there is no secret to success. Just hard work, patience, and consistency. 

-Article By Tomfw

What Does Having a Beard Say About a Man

Since time immemorial, beards have been used to symbolize different things by men. However, maintaining a fuller and thicker beard requires some level of commitment to grooming it. You need to use the right beard grooming products so that you can wear a perfect beard that best defines your status. As such, this article discusses what does having a beard say about different men.

Masculinity and Power
Different men believe that a thicker and fuller beard symbolizes power. In other societies, great leaders are often identified by their beards. Facial hair is also associated with wealth and high status in society. Other studies indicate that men with beards often exhibit dominance over other groups of people. The other important aspect of having a beard is that it portrays masculinity and manhood. Many people believe that beards separate men from boys and they also act as a sign of maturity. In the same vein, beards also distinguish men from women.

Beard Represents Fashion
Wearing a neat beard is trendy and many people aspire to groom beautiful facial hair. A neatly groomed beard can significantly improve your aesthetic appearance and it also gives you confidence. There are different beard styles that you can consider to improve your appearance. Many women are attracted by well-groomed beards which also reflect the personality of different guys. Facial hair also represents a personal style that can help in creating your identity.

Health Benefits
Beards can also have health benefits to people who live in different climates. According to some studies, beards protect men from exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun that can be harmful. As such, a thick beard can help reduce the chances of developing skin cancer among different men. In cold climates, thick beards can also offer some form of protection against the skin. You may not feel the biting weather if the greater part of your face is covered with facial hair.

Beards Signify Patience
Growing a beard requires a lot of commitment, self-restraint, and patience. Likewise, facial hair signifies that you are patient and you can also exercise self-restraint. In other words, a beard can signify your personality. Facial hair also helps to show that you can make bold decisions and you believe in your instincts.

Beards and Transformation
Some people groom facial hair to represent some form of personal transformation. For instance, a person can consider growing a beard after retiring from a specific profession to show a change of lifestyle. In some workplaces, beards are not allowed. You can also express some changes in your life by growing a thick beard which also comes with commitment. Other people also keep their facial hair to show that they are transforming from boyhood to adulthood.
There are different reasons why men groom beards. Some people associate facial hair with power, intelligence, masculinity, personal style as well as status in society. However, when you choose to groom your beard, you should use the right products. Unkempt facial hair can impact your image such that you end up failing to achieve the desired results.

Written by: Anthony Walker

Anthony Walker is founder and editor in chief at Beard Base. You will often find him rocking out a different beard style, and searching for new, improved tips and tricks for facial hair maintenance. Anthony also gives vent to his creativity by writing illuminating articles on the subject, striving to share his knowledge and reveal the simplest, yet the most effective ways for grooming your facial hair.

Hey, I’m Phil Rigney, and this is my Beard Growth Journey.

I started shaving when I was 12 years old and grew my first beard when I was 13. I’m a qualified electrician and I’ve only been clean shaven 6 times since 1996.  When I found the tv show Vikings was being filmed on my island (Ireland), I started growing my full beard long to audition. I’ve always wanted to be an actor but never had the confidence, but I found my strength and am proud to say that I’m on Vikings in seasons 3,4,5 & 6.  I’ve been to quite a few charity beard comps in England and America and have placed several times in the US.

My beard routine is as follows:

When I shower, I wash my beard with beard soap or beard shampoo.  I then towel dry my beard and put beard oil into it when it’s still damp. I either let it dry naturally or blow dry it on the lowest heat and then put beard balm into it when its dry…..

On the days when I don’t wash it, I would put beard balm into my beard….. It’s funny though, because I was always the only bearded friend that all my mates had till about 2013, and then suddenly most of my friends started growing beards, and I was always the one they contacted for advice on how to grow it.

Phil Rigney is a proud member of the official Mad Viking Beard Team, and when he’s not filming for the TV show Vikings, can be found somewhere deep in the forest of HIS Island (Ireland).

The 5 steps to my beard care routine:

1. Washing
When washing my beard, I would avoid normal bar soaps, body washes and hair shampoos. They will dry out your beard and irritate your skin doing more harm than good.  I use Mad Viking beard soap twice a week and the Mad Viking beard wash once a week, which include all-natural ingredients that makes it sensitive enough for my face and strong enough for my beard. I would wet my beard every day and wash it a total of three times a week

2. Gently Towel Dry
I would pat it dry and try to get about 90% of the water out of my beard.

3. Apply Beard Oil
Beard oil is the foundation to a truly great and healthy beard, and I would apply beard oil daily to keep my skin and beard healthy. Mad Viking beard oil is great to reduce beard itch, dry skin, and split ends!  When apply the oil, I first go under my beard and apply to my skin, then I use the extra to lube up the rest of my beard. As for how much I use would be about 11-12 drops or 9-10 squirts because of the length and thickness of my beard.

4. Beard balm
So about 15 to 20 minutes after applying the beard oil I would apply Mad Viking Beard Balm.  I would Scoop some out with my finger, put it in the palms of my hand and rubbing them both together making sure I have an even coverage of balm on my hands and fingers, heating it up in my hands at the same time with the friction. I apply it by massaging the balm down to my skin and working it out to the end of my beard.

5. Comb It Out
After I apply the oil and balm, I would comb it out. A good beard comb is critical, and I use a comb with wide teeth to avoid static and snagging. First, I start by going under my beard and comb everything out, away from my face. Once it’s combed out, I comb it down and into place This up then down trick give me a fuller look and leads to less tangles and helps me style it just the way I like.

Darren Ó Fionnagáin

Darren Finnegan currently resides In Ireland, can be seen on Both hit TV shows Vikings and Game of Thrones, and is a proud member of the Official Mad Viking Beard Team.

Hello folks,

Mick Wallage here. In recent years I’ve done rather well at the odd beard competition or two and as a result of that a lot of people get in touch with me to ask what they can do to make their beard grow faster or thicker.  Well I’m sorry to disappoint, but a hell of a lot depends on genetics.  If you’ve not got what it takes, no amount of lotions and potions is going to make you look like Chewbacca….sorry but that’s how things go sometimes.

What I am saying is that there are loads of beards out there that are good when in fact they could be AWESOME if they changed their beard care routine slightly.  I’m not saying the way I do things is the best way or the only way, but it’s worked so far for me and won me a world title.   The very first thing to point out is that your beard ain’t gonna get longer or thicker if you keep cutting it. I’ve heard people say, “I’ll have it trimmed, it grows back thicker.” …. Not in my opinion.


Always, but ALWAYS use a barber who knows his way around a beard.  No matter how thick and fast your beard grows a bad barber can destroy it far faster than you can ever grow it, that is a FACT.


Unless you’ve a dirty/dusty job then in my opinion there’s absolutely no reason to wash your beard more than once a week. I’ll quite often use Mad Viking Conditioner even if I’ve only rinsed my beard.  Don’t forget to give the conditioner time to be absorbed, otherwise you’re literally pouring money down the drain.  Rinse your beard every day when you bath/shower of course, but too much washing will strip all the natural oils, leaving it dry, itchy, and brittle.  When you do wash your beard, use only the best products from a reputable beard care producer who will have had their products tested and approved for sale.  Stay clear of any shampoo/beard wash that contains parabens and sulfates, they dry the hair and lead to breakages.

Oils and balms

Unlike the hair on your head beard hair is somewhat coarse and liable to breakage. That’s why I believe it’s important that you keep it well hydrated and supple.  if it’s snapping off faster than its sprouting from your handsome face….. well that’s BAD.  It’s going to appear to have stopped growing or worse still, recede.  Sometimes I’ll oil twice a day, always in the morning, and more often than not, in the evening too.  A lot of people have asked, “Should I oil when the beard is still damp or when it’s dry?”  My personal preference is to oil when it’s dry.  I’ll carefully comb once I’ve applied oil, first with a wide toothed comb, then a finer comb, and finally with a soft bristled brush while applying gentle heat from a hair dryer.

Once a week I’ll use lanolin as a deep leave in overnight conditioner, its greasy and feels horrible, will make hell of a mess of pillows but the results are soooo worth it. The following morning I’ll wash my beard well, and then oil in the normal way.  That’s about it.

  • In short, don’t cut it. Definitely don’t try and cut it yourself
  • If you insist on cutting it, only go to a knowledgeable beard barber.
  • Don’t wash the life out of it.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals like parabens and sulfates
  • Keep it hydrated with good quality oils and balms
  • Oh and if you’re gonna style,use heat protection.

Most of all enjoy the beard journey and BEARD ON…!!

Mad love,

Mick (the chops) Wallage

Mick “The Chops” Wallage currently resides in the United Kingdom and is a proud member of the official Mad Viking Beard Team

We all know that beards are pretty damn awesome. They help set you apart from the crowd, your face deserves it and they help you look the way you were intended to. Not everyone’s job or lifestyle can permit a big beard, but for those fortunate ones who can, here are some Beard Growing Milestones I recall from my journey so far. Your mileage may vary.