That's right! Don't let the beard itch get you down. We have beard oil to handle that! Do not let self doubt that you cant grow an epic beard stall you out. Do not shave! We don't like quitters and either do your friends or significant others. You need to look at growing a beard as an epic journey in self discovery. The first step is to get started. I'm sure if you are reading this you probably have the first step down. We congratulate you on that. The second step is to see how far you can take your growth. Did you ever wonder how long of a beard you can grow? Everyone has a different terminal growth limit. Fact is on average, each beard hair grows half-an-inch per month, and the active growth cycle of the follicle lasts anywhere from two to six years. Therefore the average terminal length of a man's beard can be anywhere from 12 to 36-inches. Where do you think you will land on that chart? If you made it this far we have high hopes for you. Go to the next step and learn more our newly bearded Padawan!



First and foremost we believe cleanliness is godliness and you cant go wrong with looking, smelling and feeling your best. Trust me the Beard Gods approve this message. So what else do you need to know about washing your beard? The 2 most important issues with washing your beard is to find the correct product to wash it with and how many times per week should you wash it. Its imperative you experiment with washing intervals and find your best schedule. Everyone is different here and there is no blanket solution for everyone. We recommend starting at 3 times per week and adjust accordingly. For example, if you have a dirtier job you may want to up it. Or if you have an office job you could easily go 2-3 times per week. The key is to find how many times a week you can wash your beard with out it feeling dry or too coarse. As far as the correct products to wash your beard with. You guessed it! We have them right here. Yes indeed its time for that shameless plug. We launched our new and improved Biotin Beard Wash in late June of 2021 and it is performing very well with a ton of great feedback. We feel its a total beard game changer. It contains some great all natural ingredients that perform exactly how a beard wash should perform. We also have a complete 100% guarantee. If it doesn't work for you, We offer a full credit or refund on your purchase. Its that simple. We believe in and use what we sell.



Another important aspect of proper beard care is the conditioning of your beard. When we talk about conditioning here, we are talking about in the shower wash out conditioner like our Biotin Beard Conditioner. Just like washing, it is important you find your own schedule. Unlike the washing schedule, we actually recommend you condition every day. Yes that is right, condition every day. When you wash your beard apply conditioner after. On the days you do not wash your beard we recommend rinsing your beard with warm water in the shower and then applying conditioner. Like we said you can dial it down from there and find your own groove but the vast majority of us with epic Viking styled beards go with the conditioner every day. It keeps the beard healthy and the split ends at bay.



I hope this one goes without saying. Beard product usage is a must. Like washing & conditioning, you still have to find your own personal regimen. We can recommend 101 different ways but at the end of the day its up to you. Here is a list of products you can use to help you out on your epic beard journey.


Beard Oil is a great starter product and I would say 9 out of 10 customers use it in their regimen at some point, rather it be 2 times per day to daily or every other day. Beard oil can be used no matter the length of your beard. Our beard oil is all natural and contains 8 different carrier oils in just the right percentages. Our beard oils come in 15 different scents and one unscented for all of our customers who prefer unscented products. Beard oil is more liquid compared to butter or balm and its easy to apply and works with almost any beard hair texture. It doesn't have any hold and will not help with styling. However it will help your beard present itself way better than without. Beard oil also conditions your beard and your skin underneath and relieves the itching and dryness that comes along with new beard growth.


If you are looking to keep unruly hairs at bay or to knock down the flyaways then beard balm has you covered. Our beard balms contain natural ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax along with a lot of the carrier oils that are in our beard oils. Balms are great for guys with a structured beard where keeping a certain shape is paramount to their style. Balms will also get you past that awkward beard stage where none of your beard hairs lay right. It happens to all of us. The awkward beard stage is a real thing and we get questions about it all of the time. Beard balm definitely has you covered and it also pulls some double duty and helps to protect and condition.


Beard butter is basically beard balm without the added beeswax and we put in and take out a few different oils or butters to perfect the recipe. All in all we have seen beard butter gain in popularity and a lot of guys are choosing to add it into their beard care arsenal. Beard butter is kind of the perfect middle ground between beard oil and balm. It does have a light hold to it but it is a lighter conditioning recipe that wont weigh your beard down. Guys who use beard butter range from 1 month of beard growth into terminal growth. Beard butter can be used by all beard types as well.



We will keep this one short. Find a good pair of scissors, brush and comb. They are invaluable and you will use these everyday in your beard journey. We suggest a comb that will not add static to your beard and a comb that doesn't have molding ridges in its construction. Make sure any comb you use rather it be metal, plastic or wood be constructed out of high quality materials and be smooth to the look and touch. You do not need your everyday comb causing beard damage. Same thing goes for a brush. We at Mad Viking offer an awesome natural boars hair brush for all new beard growers. Make sure your brush does not contain plastic bristles. As for a owning a great pair of scissors. You may ask why do I need scissors? I am trying to grow a beard not cut it off! While we share the same concern we will also say some beard hairs will grow way faster than others and sometimes you need to just harvest that one rogue hair that no matter what will not lay down. You can also use the scissors to keep the moustache trimmed down and even. Some guys will let the Stache grow out without a trim and that's fine as well. We applaud all beard styles.



This one I bet is confusing to a lot of you. But after many years of personally growing my own beard to different lengths and playing around with various styles, I soon learned that a little trim here and there keeps the beard looking fresh and maintained. Its up to you at what length you choose to trim or what length or style to keep your beard at. This point alone leads us to our last tip. Find your own style and rock what you got.



From a short business beard to a ZZ TOP esque terminal growth and everything else in between. There are many styles to choose from and its all up to you.. and oops we almost forgot. Its up to your genetics as well. Some guys just cant grow a big full Viking beard that makes the ladies scream and swoon at first sight. However not everyone needs to have a beard like that. That's why we suggest you play around with different styles that fit your facial structure and play on your strengths versus your weaknesses. Some guys can grow an awesome goatee but the sides come in patchy while others have the strongest moustache game known to man but the beard, not so much. Then there is the guys that can grow a killer beard but the hair above their lip is ever so lacking. That is why we say, "Rock what you got" The beard gods gave you the genetics that they thought looked the best on you. Now its your job to discover it.

We wish you well on your epic beard journey and hope we have helped you in your travels. If you ever have any questions on products or on your own beard journey in general do not be afraid to hit us up via email. We are here to help. Its our job here at Mad Viking to help you look and feel your best. #LIVEBYTHEAXE


  • Jeff T

    Just a week in to my first ever beard growth ( 23 yrs military) and reading this was exactly what I needed! Love the passion and story of the company! Can’t wait to use your products and see what the beard gods gave me to work with! Skol!

  • Horace R. Ryan

    Sounds like real good advice

  • Christopher I

    Thanks for the insight!

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