It is a tried and true process. You claim land, you plant your flag. But when you claim territory in the name of the Mad Vikings, what flag will you use? We have you covered. Mad Viking Beard Club Flags are just what you need to let everyone in the neighboring villages know that you live by a no holds barred, take no prisoner’s lifestyle. Browse our sizing options to find the flag that is right for your territory.

Our Mad Viking club flags are available in two different versions. Our 2′ by 3′ flag is made from a nylon base, making it a medium weight flag. Medium weight flags should be hung on the wall or outside, but they should not be exposed to the elements 24/7. These flags are durable, dry quickly, and fly majestically in a light breeze. If you are looking for a heavier weight flag, our 3′ by 5′ flag is what you need. This flag is made from a 250-thread count Denier polyester, making it a long-lasting flag. They can withstand high wind areas and are perfect for commercial and industrial use. Both flags feature our signature OG Skully logo. Skully has been with us since the beginning and remains an important part of our souls, and now you can make him a part of your soul. Be sure to browse our selection of signs, stickers, and patches to expand Skully’s domain even further.

This flag can be seen flying proudly around the globe, and you’ve done your part to spread it a little further. If you have any questions about our Mad Viking Beard club flags or any of our other products, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to help you in any way we can.

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