Mad Viking Berserker Logo Sticker


Mad Viking Berserker Logo Sticker

The Mad Viking Berserker Logo Sticker measures 4″ x 5.5″

Show your love of the horde with the Mad Viking Berserker Logo Sticker. It is cut from white vinyl, which is a durable, weather-resistant material that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Vivid colors make this vinyl sticker the perfect fit for applying to windows, cars, motorcycles, and bathroom mirrors!  Exquisite detail and super clean ink give our “Skully” a nice depth.  This makes the perfect addition to your sticker collection!

Mad Viking, Live by the axe, Die By the axe!

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Mad Viking Berserker Logo Sticker

This is an absolutely rare beauty.  A diamond in the rough, so to speak.  It is the quintessential unicorn of stickers.  The greatest sticker in all the land!  We know because we searched every single sticker ever made.   The staff at Mad Viking literally went on tours of all the great sticker museums and sticker trade shows, and sticker manufacturing facilities, and even the places that make the sticker sticky!  Trust us, we know our stickers.  This bad boy is, indeed, the greatest sticker you will ever own!

Just look at it!  Artfully crafted on vinyl sticker material that becomes “sticky” when you remove the backing, enabling the user to stick it to things.  Many things actually.  It will stick to glass, metal, wood, vinyl, plastic, smooth fiberglass, desks, lunch boxes, hard hats, phone cases,  book cases, bathroom walls at the local pub, and many more!  Please do not place this sticker on any living creature as it will probably make said animal invincible.  It’s uses are nearly limitless as far as stickers go, although we STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT EAT THIS, OR ANY OTHER STICKER!

This particular sticker is a small to medium size sticker.  It measures approximately five and one half inches tall, by four inches wide.  We couldn’t make it too big because the sticker manufacturing facilities were afraid that the amount of awesomeness contained in aforementioned sticker would be too great.  The risk just wasn’t worth it.

The Mad Viking Berserker Logo Sticker features our most fearsome beard, “Skully,” in all of his rage and anger.  You’ll notice he is wearing a bear’s head.  That’s because he killed that bear on his way to do battle!  He killed it, and he ate it.  And then he made a new hat.  He is a warrior, plain and simple! Never Doubt a Berserker!

In Reality, his sticker was created in honor of the warriors in our lives.  The ones that never quit.  The warriors that never stop.  We honor their existence with our newest sticker.  Buy it.  Stick it.  Own it.  Be a Berserker!

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