Mad Viking Bi-fold Leather Wallet


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Mad Viking Bi-fold Leather Wallet.

The new custom over sized, chain drive, leather bi-fold wallet is hand made by our friends over at Ragnarok Leather Works.  The original Skully Logo is proudly displayed on the front of this masterpiece. This piece speaks volumes without saying a word.

We’re told the leather for these wallets are obtained from the ancient traditions of the master craftsmen of the past.  We don’t know what that means, but we do know that every time you take this wallet out to pay for something, babies will cry, women will swoon, and the men around you will weep with the realization that you, by far, have the nicest leather wallet in existence.  It’s a good thing that the inside of this amazing piece is lined with your choice of black or red bandanna material, because you’ll need something to sop up their tears with!  And it’s a good thing there’s a snap closure because you’re going to need the help keeping all the awesomeness contained!

The Mad Viking Bi-fold Leather wallet is a limited edition and as such, are all numbered.  Get yours before it’s too late, and you are doomed to be wallet deficient forever!

Chain not included, but attitude definitely is!

You need some more Mad Viking in your life.  We can tell.  Check out our Merch!

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Weight.312 lbs
Dimensions7 × 5 × 1 in
Inside Color

Black, Red