Mad Viking Leather Bi-fold Card Holder


Mad Viking Leather Bi-fold Card Holder

Genuine leather!

Measures 4″x3.75″

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Mad Viking Leather Bi-fold Card Holder

The new custom leather bi-fold card holder is made and stamped using genuine leather by our friends over at Levys Leathers.

The bi-fold card holder features the original “Skully” logo planted firmly and proudly on the front and has the scratch logo on the inside.  If streamline is your thing, you definitely want to pick one of these up!

We’re told that the leather for these bi-folds is obtained from the ancient traditions of the master craftsmen of the north.  We don’t know what that means, but we do know that every time you take this bad boy out to pay for something, babies will cry, women will swoon, and the men around you will weep with the realization that you, by far, have the nicest card holder in existence.  We know that not every situation calls for an oversized, chain drive wallet so we proudly offer you the Mad Viking Leather Bi-fold Card Holder version.   It’s large enough to hold all of your important cards but small enough when folded to fit entirely in your pocket.  Perfect for business suit days when you need to fly under the radar but still want to feel the power of the horde!

Measures 4″x3.75″ when folded.

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Weight.15 lbs
Dimensions3.75 × 4.0 × .2 in

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