Mad Viking Beard Story

Mad Viking is a place dedicated to the love of all things Bearded and Viking. A place that takes pride in men and women of all walks of life. Mad Viking is run by Jason Sealand and his wife Amanda and Jason Hall and his wife Shana. Although we are from the States, we have strong Norse roots. Our company pays homage to Jason Sealand’s great grandfather who, after immigrating to the U.S. from Sweden, earned the nickname in his 1920’s and 1930’s baseball days as “The Mad Viking”, and “The Angry Swede.” We have every intention of honoring our roots by offering an online bearded experience that was created by us, for you. A place that offers unapologetic imagery, hardcore apparel, and the best beard products on the market.

The Mad Viking table is full of great friends and colleagues. You can check out our online groups on Facebook. Just search Mad Viking Beard and Mustache Club, and there you’ll find us. We make it a priority to take care of each other. We treat each other with respect, love, and really work hard to lift each other up so that we can show the world that bearded people of all walks of life can have a positive influence on the world around us.

We have spent the last several years working, quite literally nonstop, towards a bearded future. We firmly believe that the outlaws, the rebels, the black sheep and the warriors of today will be the leaders and trend setters of tomorrow. It’s with that belief that we came to life. A lust for life, individuality and a strong community belief system all rooted in our Norse heritage. While we believe in a man’s blood right to be bearded, we also understand that it’s not always desirable to be untamed in appearance. It’s with this creed that we design our apparel and especially our products. Our products are all made with quality and value in mind. You will not find a higher quality product rooted in actual science and truth for a better value, period. Our oils, balms, shampoos, conditioners and waxes were all designed with the overall health of the user and their individual and unique qualities of their hair and skin in mind. We offer only natural products without unneeded and dangerous fillers, available in a variety of custom scents. Our products produce an overall healthy experience. Mad Viking products are designed to relieve itching, dandruff in the beard, and promote healthy growth leaving your beard softer and fuller. As far as our imagery and apparel, we don’t knock on doors, we kick them in and make ourselves known. Our apparel is a no apologies reflection of that. Life is ours to live, and Mad Viking is here to live life to the best of our abilities! Skål!