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We ship within 24-36 hrs from receiving your order. We ship 6 days a week Monday through Saturday. However there are exceptions. During extremly busy times or during major holidays ship time before carrier pick up may be extended because of the sheer volume of orders we need to process. Rest assured we are trying to get all orders out in a timely fashion. The shipping times you get at check out are estimated by the carriers and are not guaranteed. (The cut off for guaranteed Christmas delivery is December 13th.)

Yes we do. Rates vary based on the country and weight of order. Please allow extra time for your order to get to you, due to Customs and Export procedures. Please note, while we do ship all international orders with Customs declarations, the Customs Agency in your country may impose a Customs/Duty Tax on the products before they will be released to you for pick up. This is not included in the final price of your order, since that is an amount imposed by the Customs Agency in your country. If you want your product faster, choose DHL at checkout. Most DHL orders get to the EU within 3-5 days.

All subscription orders in the US get free shipping. Otherwise you can choose your shipping carrier and shipping cost at checkout. Shipping costs vary based on weight and dimension. We have partnered with large pools of shippers to get the best rates possible.

We use USPS, UPS and DHL. Depending on the cost, weight and location of your order you can choose who you want to deliver your package at checkout.

Yes you do. We automatically send it to you via email right after we prepare your order and pack it.

Returns and exchanges


Every order placed with Mad Viking is backed by a no hassle 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
If you don't like what you ordered, just return it to us for a complete refund or exchange. Click here: REFUND POLICY for all of the info.

It's simple. We want you to love what you ordered. We want you to find utility and function in our products. We want you to be the best you can be. This means our products must make you happy and work for you. If they do not, then we will refund your money or exchange it for a product that will work for you.

All you have to do is contact shop@madvikingbeard.com and let them know your order number and name and the reason you need to return your items. We will issue you a return postage slip by sending it to your email. Its that easy. We got you covered.

Affix the shipping label we sent to you via your email to the box you're shipping back to us. See RETURN PROCESS above.

Yes you can. See the RETURN PROCESS above.



All of our beard oil, balms, butters, shampoo, conditioners, wash and waxes are made right here in the USA. All of our apparel is printed in the USA as well. We always go above and beyond to give our customers the best, top quality product that is produced under strictest of standards.

Only the highest quality natural ingredients are sourced to provide vital nourishment for your skin and beard. We work with a highly vetted small network of supply partners, who also have quality as their top priority.

We always recommend starting with beard oil as soon as the beard itch starts. From there we suggest you branch out and learn what works for you and your particular beard style you are going for. Check out our blog for some informative articles or shoot us an email at shop@madvikingbeard.com or call us at (724)-252-2160.

We usually recommend starting with a beard oil sample pack. You really can not go wrong with beard oil and it should be the number one tool in your beard care arsenal. Our beard oil sample pack is one of the largest around with great value. It contains 15 different scents and each sample will last you around a week (depending on beard size of course). Each vial is 15ml or half an ounce.
Check it out here: BEARD OIL SAMPLE PACK

Simply put, we value your safety and well being. We will always ensure our customers can have trust in our scented products. We go by IFRA STANDARDS when it comes to scenting any product that goes on your body. The IFRA sets rules that are recognized by government authorities and trade bodies around the world. They monitor, test and assess ingredients and set rules for them to be used safely. We are obsessed that only quality and safety go into our products. You might not find the same care and attention with other pop up beard and grooming companies.

We are adding new shops to our list every day! Please contact us if you would like to have your local barbershop carry our products. We will have all of our retail locations on a map soon, that will be easily searchable.

Every beard is different, and a little product goes a long way. We have found the best way to apply product is to apply just a little at a time, until you find the right balance for you. A good rule of thumb is your beard should not feel too greasy or heavy. If that is the case then you used too much. We recommend starting with about a finger tip sized amount to start and add or pullback from there.

Your mileage will vary depending on the size of your beard.
Our 2oz beard oils are economically priced to be about the same or close to most 1oz beard oils in the market. So we give you value up front and an average beard will use about 1 oz of beard oil per month. So our 2oz beard oils should give you about 2 months or more of usage.



Yes we do! Thank you for your service, we've partnered with GovX to offer a 20% discount on our store. This discount is good for all Military active duty/veterans and all first responders and frontline workers, that include Fire, Police and Healthcare. Go here to get your discount: GOVX DISCOUNT

Yes we do. You can sign up here: WHOLESALE SIGN UP. Just remember that you have to log out of your retail account to sign up for a wholesale account. Wholesale and retail accounts are separate. Once you fill out the form we will get in touch with you via email or phone to go over our program with a wholesale specialist.

Yes. This is how Mad Viking started. Clubs were first and the Company came after that.
We have beard clubs all over the world. Our clubs all do charity work and try to make the world a better place. The company works with the clubs on most all of their projects and goals. It is from this love to give back and do better is where the company was born out of. While most companies out there talk a good game. Mad Viking is the only one that actually walks the talk.
Check out this page to see how Mad Viking became what is is today: The Legend

We can not see nor do we store any financial information that you use while checking out. We use Shopify and PayPal payments, which are certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. We are very serious about security and data storage. Our checkout carts and pages are some of the most secure in e-commerce.

We offer 2 types of affiliate style ambassador programs. They are as follows:

Our BEARD AMBASSADOR program is for Beardos that have a great social media presence and a badass beard to go along with it and who want to contribute in a real way with Mad Viking as a brand. They do this by modeling for pictures and video, writing blog articles about the brand or beard care in general. They also promote the brand on their social media channels and websites. Being a Beard Ambassador isn't for everyone. We hold our ambassadors to higher standards as they contribute a lot to the brand. Learn more here: BEARD AMBASSADOR

Our 2nd option is more relaxed and chill when it comes to promotion. We offer a LOYALTY& REWARDS program for individuals that want to promote Mad Viking and still be able to earn something in return by referring friends and other various actions. Learn more here: LOYALTY & REWARDS

We are always looking for talented individuals. Drop your resume to jason@madvikingbeard.com

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