Are you tired of the same clean-shaven look day in and day out? Why not mix things up by letting your beard grow? Not only will it give you a rugged, masculine look, but it's also a low-maintenance option for those who don't want to fuss with shaving every day.


Plus, you can experiment with different lengths and styles to find the perfect look for you. So go ahead, embrace your facial hair, and let it grow!


Let it grow and put in the effort. Your beard is part of who you are, so don't be afraid to show it off! With some patience and dedication, you'll have a beautiful beard that will turn heads wherever you go. So instead of reaching for your razor every morning, let your facial hair do its thing—let it grow!


Take time to enjoy growing out your beard. It may take weeks or even months to achieve the look you want, but at least you have time on your side, so don't give up!


Take advantage of all the tools available to make your beard look its best. With a little bit of effort and proper beard grooming, you will have an amazing-looking beard that everyone will love. So, stop itching and start growing!


If you need any help along the way, there are plenty of resources available to get you started on your beard-growing journey. So go ahead, let it grow – you won't regret it! Below we've listed a few steps to consider along the way, to help you get where you want to be!



Beard grooming is an important step in hygiene and developing a good grooming routine will make a world of difference in the health and appearance of your beard, and product usage is a must. Like washing & conditioning, you still must find your regimen. We can recommend 101 different ways but at the end of the day, it's finding what works for you. Here is a list of products and steps you should use to help with your beard grooming.

-Beard Oil

-Beard Balm

-Beard butter

-Mustache Wax

-Beard Soap and Beard Wash

-Facial Hair Growth Vitamins

-Styling Tools (Brushes, Combs, Clippers)


Each of these products has its benefits and will help you along your beard journey. Follow the directions on each product and make sure to apply it with care. With patience, dedication & proper use of these products, your beard will be looking great in no time.



Beard Oil is a great starter product. Using a high-quality beard oil that's made from natural ingredients is crucial to maintaining healthy skin and beard hair. A good beard oil emulates the natural oils of your body, absorbs quickly, doesn't clog your pores, helps seal in moisture, keeps your beard soft, stops the dreaded beard itch, and gets rid of beard dandruff. It's a one-stop shop for beard care, keeping your skin and beard hair healthy. Beard oil also supplies much-needed nutrients which promote healthy beard growth.

 Natural Beard Oil


Using beard oil is a snap. Depending on the length of your beard, spread a few drops on your hands, then spread evenly over your beard, starting at the skin and working your way to the hair ends.


You can apply it to damp or dry hair, but we recommend using beard oil after showering or bathing and towel drying your beard, which ensures that your pores are clean and open.


Be sure to massage it in well at the base of the skin. This will help keep the follicles healthy and promote growth, while conditioning and nourishing the hair itself. A high-quality beard brush works well at massaging your skin and distributing the oils evenly.



Beard balm and butter are also essential products for keeping your beard looking great. Butter is thick and creamy, whereas balm has a waxier texture which gives you a better hold when styling. Both provide natural oils that condition and nurture your facial hair as well as give you a light shine.



Balm is a great product for those that want to keep their beard looking neat and polished. If you are looking to keep unruly hairs at bay or to knock down the flyaways then balm has you covered.


Balms contain natural ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, natural oils as well as beeswax to help keep your beard in shape and control.


We recommend using balm in combination with beard oil if you have an especially bushy or unruly, thick beard as it can help tame the wild hairs while still keeping your skin moisturized.

 Natural Beard Balm


Just like with the oil, a little bit goes a long way. Start with a dime size, put it in your palm, and rub your hands together until it melts. Once it's melted and warmed, spread it evenly throughout your beard, again starting at the skin and working your way out to the ends of your beard hair.


Once applied you should brush it with a good beard brush. To style your beard, a hair dryer on its coolest setting can be used in combination with a beard brush.


With consistent use of beard balm, you’ll have a nice-looking and well-groomed beard in no time!



Beard butter is the perfect leave-in conditioner for your facial hair. It is a thicker, more intense version of beard balm and often has additional butters and oils blended in. The major difference between butter and balm is that beard butter does not contain any wax.


You will only need to use a little bit of this product so make sure not to overdo it - too much beard butter might make your beard look greasy!


Using these products properly will ensure that you are on your way to having an awesome-looking beard. So don't give up on the journey yet! Put in the effort and find the right regimen for you.

 Natural Beard Butter


Using beard butter in your beard is the same basic principle as using balm. Start with a dime size, put it in your palm, and rub your hands together until it melts. Once it's melted and warmed, spread it evenly throughout your beard, again starting at the skin and working your way out to the ends of your beard hair.


Again, the major difference with butter is that it contains no wax so it does very little for styling purposes but works amazingly well for conditioning your skin and hair and relieving beard itch.



Letting your beard grow doesn't mean you can forget about hygiene. It is important to keep your beard clean by washing it regularly with a gentle beard wash and beard conditioner. This will help to remove dirt, debris, and any styling product residue that might be left behind. Additionally, it helps to soften the beard hairs so you can groom and style it more easily.


But be sure not to over-wash your beard; this will strip away essential oils, which can also make it dry and brittle. Aim for no more than two or three washes a week at most, or whenever you feel like there's a buildup in your facial hair.


Beard wash and conditioners are specifically designed to be gentle on your skin and facial hair so you don't have to worry about using shampoo or body wash, which will almost always cause your hair to become brittle.


With proper care and maintenance, you'll have a healthy-looking beard in no time!

 Natural Beard Wash and Conditioner


Don't forget to condition your beard! We recommend using a shower wash-out conditioner like our Biotin Beard Conditioner to keep your beard healthy and avoid split ends.


To ensure you're conditioning adequately, apply the conditioner every day after washing your beard. On days when you don't wash your beard, simply rinse it with warm water in the shower before applying the conditioner.


While you can adjust your conditioning schedule to fit your individual needs, we suggest keeping up with daily conditioning to maintain an epic Viking-style beard. Trust us - your beard will thank you!



Finally, you can't forget about trimming your beard. Regularly trimming your facial hair helps to keep it healthy and growing in the right direction - something that's especially important for those of you who have thicker beards!


If you have a bushy or unruly beard, it's best to start by using a sharp pair of quality scissors to remove any split ends and then use an electric trimmer set on a low guard number to shape it up.


You can also get creative and try out different styles if that's what you prefer. Just remember: never take too much off at once because you can always go back and do more later!


In the end, just make sure that all hairs are even in length, so everything looks neat. With the right products and a bit of patience, your facial hair will look great in no time. So don't give up and get out there grooming! You can do it!


6 - Use the Right Equipment

If you want a neat and polished beard, using the right equipment is essential. A good set of scissors and a trimming comb can help you achieve proper beard maintenance. Use scissors to shape, define, and lighten up the edges of your beard. A trimmer can be used for quickly taking off length or tidying up the neckline.


Investing in an electric clipper is also a good idea if you have a long beard or plan to style it often. This will save you time and effort when it comes to touching up split ends. Remember to always use sharp blades as dull ones can cause hair breakage, leading to an unkempt appearance.



From a short business beard to a ZZ TOP-esque terminal growth beard and everything else in between. There are many beard styles to choose from and it's all up to you... and oops we almost forgot. It's up to your genetics as well.


Not everyone can grow a big, full Viking beard that makes heads turn, and that's okay! Instead of feeling discouraged, we suggest playing around with different styles that accentuate your strengths and complement your facial structure.


Maybe you have an awesome goatee but patchy sides, or a strong mustache but a lackluster beard. No matter what your situation, rock what you've got!


Remember, the beard gods gave you the genetics that they thought looked best on you. Now it's up to you to discover your unique style and wear it with confidence. Say goodbye to beard envy and hello to your new signature look.

Conclusion photo 


Taking care of your beard involves several important steps. First, invest in high-quality, natural beard products to nourish and protect your beard.


Second, it's essential to regularly wash and condition your beard to remove dirt, debris, and styling product residue that can accumulate in your hair. However, over-washing can strip away essential oils, so aim for no more than two or three washes per week. Using specific beard wash and conditioner products are best, as shampoo and body wash can cause hair to become brittle.


Beard oils help to moisturize your skin, soften your beard hair, and prevent itching and dandruff. On the other hand, balms and butter contain ingredients that can help in conditioning and hydrating your beard. Besides nourishing your beard, these products also offer a pleasant fragrance, making you feel confident and smelling fresh throughout the day. So, add these magical products to your grooming routine and see the benefits for yourself.


Trimming is also critical for maintaining a healthy beard, preventing split ends, and encouraging proper growth direction. Use a pair of quality scissors to remove split ends and an electric trimmer set on a low guard number to shape your beard. It's essential to go slow and not take too much off at once. Remember to maintain even hair length throughout for a neat appearance.


Using the right equipment is important for beard maintenance. A good set of scissors and a trimming comb can help you achieve a well-polished beard. A trimmer can also quickly take off length or tidy up the neckline. Investing in an electric clipper is a good idea if you have a long beard or plan to style it often. Remember to use sharp blades to prevent hair breakage and an unkempt appearance. Also, investing in a good quality beard brush will make a big difference in the feel and appearance of your beard hair.


Finally, when deciding on a beard style, play to your strengths and complement your facial structure. While not everyone can grow a full Viking beard, playing around with different styles can help you discover what works best for you. Be confident in your unique look and remember that the genetics of your beard were given to you for a reason.


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