The 5 steps to my beard care routine:

1. Washing

When washing my beard, I avoid normal bar soaps, body washes and hair shampoos. They will dry out your beard and irritate your skin doing more harm than good. Stay away from anything that has sulfates, parabens, silicones. I use Mad Viking beard soap twice a week and the Mad Viking beard wash once a week, which include all-natural ingredients that makes it sensitive enough for my face and strong enough for my beard. I rinse my beard every day and wash it a total of three times a week and use the conditioner everyday.

2. Gently Towel Dry

I pat it dry and try to get about 90% of the water out of my beard. While still damp I will add beard oil.

3. Apply Beard Oil

Beard oil is the foundation to a truly great and healthy beard, and I apply beard oil daily to keep my skin and beard healthy. Mad Viking beard oil is great to reduce beard itch, dry skin, and split ends! When applying the oil, I first go under my beard and apply to my skin, then I use the extra to work out to the end of my beard. As for how much I use would be about 11-12 drops or 9-10 squirts because of the length and thickness of my beard.

4. Beard balm

So about 15 to 20 minutes after applying the beard oil I would apply Mad Viking Beard Balm. I scoop some out with my finger, put it in the palms of my hand and rubbing them both together making sure I have an even coverage of balm on my hands and fingers, heating it up in my hands at the same time with the friction. I apply it by massaging the balm down to my skin and working it out to the end of my beard.

5. Comb It Out

After I apply the oil and balm, I would comb it out. A good beard comb is critical, and I use a comb with wide teeth to avoid static and snagging. First, I start by going under my beard and comb everything out, away from my face. Once it’s combed out, I comb it down and into place This up then down trick give me a fuller look and leads to less tangles and helps me style it just the way I like.

Darren Finnegan currently resides In Ireland, can be seen on Both hit TV shows Vikings and Game of Thrones, and is a proud member of the Official Mad Viking Beard Team.

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  • Sara

    This is great information. I talked my not boyfriend into growing a beard for the first time in his life at 47 yos (actually he was 46 and has had a birthday since then) and I thought I had a general idea of what I was doing to help him with it, but now that it’s a couple inches long, and GLORIOUSLY CURLY (he has no idea how sexy he’s become!) it has a bit of a scraggly look to it and seems to have peetered out in it’s growth. Sometimes he complains that he doesn’t like the look of it, so I’m looking forward to helping him establish a better care routine as I read ALL the blog entries.

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