How to grow a better beard

This is a question we get all the time here at Mad Viking. While there is no secret serum or trick to produce a thick, healthy beard, there are several ways in which beard care, diet, exercise, and self-care can contribute to growth.

What You’re Doing Wrong

There are a few qualities that factor into a solid beard. These include the overall thickness of the beard, the quality of the hair, and the length. A very thin and brittle looking beard may point to some issues in the diet and sleep department. However, we must acknowledge that genetics play a major role in how your beard grows. Some guys can easily grow a super thick and full beard with no issue. Others may struggle to grow one at all. So, if genetics are at play, how can you possibly change the way your facial hair comes in? While we obviously can’t tinker with your genes, we can take a look at the way you eat, sleep, and take care of yourself. These will affect the thickness and hair quality of your beard, making it appear less patchy and thin.

Lock Up the Trimmer

The first step is to allow your beard to grow over the course of a month without trimming or shaving. This is commonly known as the Four Week Beard Rule. We get it – the beard itch around week two or three is enough to drive you crazy! We can alleviate the itching and dandruff that comes with beard itch by proper moisturization. During this time and after, it’s important to develop a beard care routine. Here’s what you need to do to create the perfect environment for growth to occur.


When washing your beard, it's important to use natural products that are sulfate, paraben and phthalates free. Avoid products made for your head hair, as your beard hair is a totally different type that must be cared for separately. We suggest using a biotin beard wash like ours. Our natural formula is designed to introduce moisture back into your skin, exfoliate dead skin, relieve itching, kill split ends and promote healthy growth. We also suggest to use our natural biotin conditioner as a follow up to biotin beard wash. The biotin conditioner will help strengthen the cuticles and prevent damage and promote healthy growth as well. 

To dry your growing beard, just pat it dry. Don’t rub your skin and existing hair too hard.

Beard Oil

Even if you have little to no facial hair right now, get in the habit of using beard oil. Not only will it help irritation, but it will help your beard feel softer and grow in healthier. We love beard oils, which is why we offer a full 16 scent collection of all-natural beard oils.

Beard Balm (If Applicable)

This step only applies if your beard hair is long enough to need a balm. As you let the hair grow freely during these four weeks, you may find that it becomes kind of unruly. A semi-solid beard balm will do the trick, helping to keep your beard in line without weighing it down. Check out our lineup of beard butters.

Skin Care 101

Skincare used to be considered feminine, but if you want to grow a great beard, you need healthy skin. Try to get in the habit of cleansing your face regularly to remove dead skin and open your pores. Then, apply a good moisturizer to prevent dry skin. This will create a perfect scenario for beard growth.

Blow Off Some Steam

Testosterone is an important player in hair growth. One way you can boost your beard is to start exercising if you aren’t already. Stress affects us all, but it really beats down on your hair growth. Stress produces cortisol, which has a negative effect on testosterone. Exercise will help you blow off that steam, but you can also do other things to keep your mind right. Some guys dig meditation. Others prefer a long ride to clear the head. Incorporate a stress-relieving hobby into your daily life to keep your cortisol levels low. Your future beard will thank you.

Sleep is crucial

Are you getting enough sleep? Sure, it is badass to say you don’t need sleep, but your body actually does. Sleep is required for your body to recoup from the day, and with that, your testosterone is regenerated. With a lack of sleep, your testosterone simply will not be high enough to promote healthy hair growth. Prioritize sleep and aim for at least 7 to 8 hours for a restored body and mind.

Ditch your Shitty Diet

Hair growth is a protein filament, meaning that it needs protein to flourish. If your diet consists of processed and fast food, it’s time to step it up. Get some lean meats, green vegetables, eggs, and nuts in the rotation. What you put in is what you get out. You’ll notice that your head and beard hair will look much more shiny and thicker when you hold off on the bad stuff. We also recommend picking up some of our beard supplements, like our Beard Boost formula or our 10,000mcg Biotin Supplement to add to your new healthy diet.  

Age Matters!

As a teen, you or your buddies may have struggled with a patchy beard, which is to be expected. Facial hair only reaches its full potential in your twenties. When you hit your thirties, you should have a full beard if you’ve taken care of the above.

These are just a few ways that you can work around your genetics to improve the look of your facial hair. While you can’t speed up growth, you can take control of other variables to give your beard the best chance to flourish. With Mad Viking beard care products in your arsenal, you can seriously make a difference for your beard. Give us a shout if you have questions about it – we’re always happy to help our bearded brothers.

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