Alexander Ludwig and Phil Rigney

Hey, I’m Phil Rigney, and this is my Beard Growth Journey.

I started shaving when I was 12 years old and grew my first beard when I was 13. It wasnt quite like it looks now, but with age your beard will start to fill in better. I’m a qualified electrician and I’ve only been clean shaven 6 times since 1996. My trade lets me stay away from the razor! I have always had facial hair in some form. However, when I found the TV show Vikings was being filmed on my island in (Ireland), that gave me more incentive than ever to grow. I started growing my current full beard as long as I could for auditions. I’ve always wanted to be an actor but never had the confidence, but I found my strength and am proud to say that I’m on Vikings in seasons 3,4,5 & 6. I’ve been to quite a few charity beard comps in England and America and have placed several times in the US. I am a proud member of the Mad Viking Beard Team. Mad Viking keeps my beard looking great. Their beard oils and balms are the absolute best and here is how I incorporate them into my daily routine.

Beard Routine:

When I shower, I wash my beard with Mad Viking beard soap or beard shampoo and conditioner. I then towel dry my beard and put Mad Viking beard oil into it when it’s still damp. I either let it dry naturally or blow dry it on the lowest heat and then put beard balm into it when its dry. Its a simple routine, but it works great for me.
On the days when I don’t wash it, I will still condition and put beard balm into my beard.

It’s funny though, because I was always the only bearded friend that all my mates had till about 2013, and then suddenly most of my friends started growing beards, and I was always the one they contacted for advice on how to grow it. I simply send them over to Mad Viking and tell them what I do.

- Phil Rigney is a proud member of the official Mad Viking Beard Team, and when he’s not filming for the TV show Vikings, can be found somewhere deep in the forest of HIS Island (Ireland).

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