Welcome to the next installment in our series of the #livebytheaxe campaign, where we meet up with interesting beardos involved with the brand and how they became a part of the Mad Viking Team.  We dive into their world and get to know them a little better and see what gets them passionate about life, as well as what products they use to maintain the best beard possible.  

In this edition we have the honor of speaking with none other than Mr. Ryan Hurst.

Ryan Hurst with Mad Viking


Hi Ryan, it’s our sincere pleasure to talk with you for a few minutes.  If you could please, introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Santa Monica California where I launched my acting career out of high school. I'm most well known for the Character Opie from a Popular TV show called Sons Of Anarchy. I have been married for twenty eight years and raised over fourteen dogs. I practice Kundalini yoga and meditate everyday. I enjoy having my long hair and beard that's become an iconic staple for my fans.

Reading thru your bio while preparing for this article, I see that you have been acting for a very long time with a whole slew of credits to your name.  Can you tell us which role was your favorite and what set it apart from the others?

I don't have a favorite role I've played. I always enjoy working in my field especially when it's with a fun cast and crew. Roles that push me to learn or master a new skill set tend to be the most pleasurable for me.

Ryan Hurst hanging out

We recently had the opportunity to shoot some footage for Mad Viking.  We really appreciate you coming out and we had a great time getting it all done.  During a conversation afterwards you told us about your passion for animals and how you take a different approach in their training.  As animal lovers ourselves, would you like to break it down for our readers?

Sure, think master guru for compassionate force free dog training. My approach is treating my animals like the valued family members they are! The Positive reinforcement method is science based and the best lifestyle choice my household could have made when faced with a litter of five wolf hybrid puppies to raise.  

Did you originally grow your beard out for a role, or was it a personal decision?

It was a personal decision. In the sikh culture, we view not cutting our hair as a way to show respect and honor God's gifts.  

Ryan Hurst on a motorcycle


How did you get introduced to Mad Viking products?

Social Media! I love meeting small business owners and aspiring artists over my social platforms. I could tell instantly Mad Vikings products would become a part of my everyday routine.

What is your go to scent? Do you have a specific beard care routine, or do you like to keep it simple?

Valhalla is a very comforting and staple scent for me at this point. I love testing any of the new products but it will always remind me of falling in love with beard care.  

How difficult is it to maintain a beard while filming?  In our line of work, we truly appreciate the beard and firmly believe that it should be given its’ own dressing room and stylist.  Does your beard get its’ own stylist, or do they leave it up to you to do yourself?

There were years of struggling with maintenance and the fact that this process is so simple for me today makes all the difference.

We really appreciate you taking the time to sit with us and answer a few questions.  Before we go, are there any special projects or charity events in the works that you would like to talk about?  I’m sure our readers would love to support any thing that you have coming up.

I am constantly working on fun ways to give back. Without giving anything away I will say to keep a close eye on Mad Vikings social media alongside mine as we do plan on continuing our relationship in the years to come!


  • Jason Waldenburg

    My wife and myself are huge fans of Ryan Hurst, Sons Of Anarchy, dogs (and all animals), Mad Viking and of course “The Beard”!!!
    We love to hear that people and the people behind the company’s we deal with are big fans of dogs and animals in general. I’ve been using Mad Viking products for a little over a year now and absolutley love it. Its also seriously awesome that Mad Viking is involved with Zakk Wylde and BLS as we are huge fans of Black Label Society as well.
    Thank you to everyone involved for the awesomeness!!!
    Jason Waldenburg

  • Thomas Brooks King

    Awesome short read. He was one of my favorite characters on the show!

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