Ryan Hurst is an American actor, known for his roles as Sgt. Ernie Savage in We Were Soldiers, Tom Clarke in Taken, Opie Winston in the FX drama series Sons of Anarchy and many other roles over the course of his career. We recently had a chance to send Ryan some beard products and he was kind enough to send us a video back on what he thinks about the products. We are kicking off a sale this weekend in honor of his new upcoming role as Thor on the video game God of War: Ragnarok, set to be released in 2022! Just enter "RAGNAROK" at checkout for 20% off everything in the shop! Sale ends on March 14th 2022.  #LIVEBYTHEAXE



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  • Clayton Miller

    Well I’ve used different kinds of beard oils and balm for my beard for a long time since I’ve decided to let it grow. But with the mad Viking it takes the win so far as on the strong sent. I’ve used this for two days and man it smells great! But as far as the holds and softness of the beard it’s doing great at that as well. I’ll keep posted on the out come.

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