The question we get asked quite frequently actually. So what does #livebytheaxe or #livebytheaxediebytheaxe mean?
 Its a code of sorts or an oath we swore upon each other. Mad Viking is not just a beard company or a men's grooming company. We are a worldwide beard club as well. We are united in a basic brotherhood. Our creed is simple. We live by our written 9 virtues and we forge our path through the world as we strive to be better and to do better, not only for ourselves but for others as well. So when we say #livebbytheaxe, we are just reaffirming our convictions in this life to do well to ourselves and to others around us. Below I will delve into the prerequisites of being a part of our worldwide beard club and what each of the 9 virtues represent to us.


Our HONOR is our worth, without worth, we are nothing. Without honor, we are doomed to the darkest expanses of Hellheim; without worth, we do not further our folk, kin, or ourselves, but instead hold back that evolution for which we strive. Our deeds attest to our honor, and our works prove our worth.


Speak the TRUTH and everything you know to be false shall meet the AXE. If the wolf comes knocking on your door with lies, poison his well with truth and he shall fall.


Have the COURAGE to do what is right at all times. We must have the inner strength and conviction that allows us to face the enormity of the task at hand. We must have the courage to stand by our kin and to keep to our principles. Let the weak and deceitful bury themselves.


We must PERSERVERE. Never give up never back down. Meet the doom of defeat with crushing blows and never bow in its presence for only through our achievement can we truly foster the developments and evolution of our true destiny.


Stand up and be LOYAL. We must be unfailing in our loyalties- to our Gods, Ancestors, tribe, faith and folk. Any breach of loyalty is a tear upon the fabric of the weave, and so threatens the destruction of all we have worked to achieve.


We must practice SELF DISCIPLINE. We must have the discipline that keeps us true to our principles and virtues, and also allows us to master our resolve and focus. We must remain free of dependencies and those indulgences that are the nemesis of evolution and Natural Law: that which sows the seeds of our own demise..


Be HOSPITABLE. We rely on the strengths and love that are forged by blood and oath...what good are such things when we cannot share. We must be ready and willing to lend help and assistance where we can, when it is needed- what good are we to those that we are bound if we cannot depend on one another?


Be INDUSTRIOUS be the person that "gets things done". This attitude will carry over to your spiritual life, as well. Do your work carefully, pridefully, and well. failure to take action, to work towards that greater evolution in self and spirit in all areas of our being is evil at its greatest form..


Be SELF RELIANT, be Independent, be a Viking. Not only for yourself, but for your blood and your tribe. Dont wait for the world to be handed to you on a silver platter. Self-reliance is the key to freedom and freedom is the essence of being alive! Live By The Axe Die By The Axe..

You can check out our many beard club locations around the world here: BEARD CLUBS. We do a lot of charitable work with various organizations from Veterans groups to Children's Hospitals.


  • Rick W.

    I have always lived by the code that Honor means having unassailable integrity and professionalism, unflinching duty and responsibility, and unquestionable loyalty.

  • Otxo

    Hei Brothers
    Here is a beautiful declaration, which has the merit of existing.
    The Gods rejoice that the Spirit of the Warrior continues to live in those who have not corrupted their souls on the altar of corrupt foreign deities.
    Indeed, this combat is a spiritual combat inscribed in a celestial war, which still continues today.
    We can relate these nine qualities of Spirit, with the nine realms that Yggdrasil carries.
    To live these qualities in our daily life while defending this faith, is a grace granted to the faithful warriors.
    Walking in the paths of our fathers who opened this way, shows us Valhalla.
    Haa houuUU

  • John gray

    These 9 Virtues just sold me on your company.
    Livebytheaxe Diebytheaxe

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