The Best Beard Company

With so many beard brands and products available to consumers, how can you possibly sift through to find who is the best beard company? There are 3 areas to consider when searching for the right brand for you: the product ingredients, the people behind the brand, and the brand’s community. What is best for one beardsman may not be the case for another.

  1. Beard Products and Their Ingredients

This is the most important aspect of any beard company. Take a look at their product lineup—do they offer what you need from start to finish? From beard wash to oils and balms, beard care is an easy but involved process for those wanting a healthy and full beard. What do their ingredient labels look like? Do they use additives like sulfates, silicone, parabens, or dyes? These can be incredibly harmful to your hair follicles and skin, so steer clear of them. Are the essential oils they use in their beard oils cold-pressed? Cold pressing is a method of oil extraction for flowers, seeds, and nuts that gets you the most nutrients possible. If you don’t see that their oils are cold-pressed, their beard oil is not top quality. To give your beard the best possible chance for growth, your beard care products must be all-natural.

  1. The People Running the Show

Do you know who is managing the beard company or is it faceless? Now more than ever, consumers gravitate towards businesses that value transparency and authenticity. For large corporate brands, you just won’t get this. You also won’t be able to tell if these folks are fellow beardsman, which is crucial. How can you trust a beard company that may not even be run by bearded men? With smaller beard brands, you’ll see that many have been established by guys who use their own products. This is an excellent marker to seek out because if the owners praise the effectiveness of their products, it’s easier to place your trust in them.

  1. The Brand’s Community

What does the beard brand’s community look like? Is it comprised of like-minded beardsmen like you or maybe not so much? To find the best beard company for you, their community should feel relevant and something you’d like to be a part of. Does the brand have a beard team or work with famous beardsmen? If these guys place their trust in a beard brand, it makes that community even more powerful. Having a beard is like being in a tribe or horde. Find yours!

Why Mad Viking is Your New Horde

We can proudly tick the boxes for all of the above. Our beard care product collection is formulated with all-natural ingredients, including cold-pressed essential oils. We go above and beyond the call of duty to offer our beard brothers the top of the line. You’ll find zero harmful additives – only the good stuff goes into our products. Plus, we use our beard products! Mad Viking was established because we wanted better, so we made it happen with a Norse flair. Our bearded community is truly a horde, built from the ground up with members from all over the world who revel in the hardcore feel and Norse-rooted theme of our brand. Our community is the backbone of our brand, which we’re eternally grateful for. The question of what is the best beard company is a subjective one, but if you’re searching for a brand that values all-natural products and their bearded horde, let Mad Viking be your new go-to for all things beard. Skål!

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